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After an accident, the biggest concern that most people have is about what happens to their damaged vehicle.  You worry about getting your vehicle fixed properly, about what happens to the vehicle’s value, about your ability to trade-in or sell your vehicle or about getting paid a fair amount for the total loss of your vehicle.

At The Collision Law Center, we understand your concerns and we are here to help you.  Our law firm is one of the only firms that focuses on property damage claims and we have emerged as one of the leaders in diminished value and total loss claims. Most law firms that represent car accident victims handle only personal injury claims and do not want to bother dealing with property damage claims. But at The Collision Law Center, we fight insurance companies on these claims all day, every day and will be happy to roll up our sleeves to fight for you. Insurance companies have knowledgeable and experienced adjusters handling your property damage claim. Their job is to save the insurance company as much money as possible by paying you as little money as possible.  This is why you should have a competent lawyer on your side.

The Collision Law Center  has a separate department that handles personal injury claims, so whether you have been injured in an accident or you have a property damage claim or both, we are here to help you.

Craig Dernis, Esq.
Craig Dernis, Esq. is the founder of The Collision Law Center. He graduated college from The University of Florida in 1993 with High Honors and law school from The University of Miami in 1996.

Since then, he has represented thousands of accident victims. After many years of focusing on personal injury, it became apparent to Mr. Dernis that the property damage needs of his clients were not being properly addressed. Insurance companies were short-changing his clients or denying their claims outright at almost every opportunity. He began aggressively challenging the insurance companies and finding ways to hold them responsible. After years of gaining knowledge and experience, he decided to transform his law firm into a property damage law firm. Today, he proudly receives referrals from many prominent personal injury law firms who trust him to handle their clients’ property damage claims.

The Collision Law Center is headquartered in Miami, Florida but we represent clients throughout Florida and the United States.