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There are many different ways that have been used to determine the amount of value that a vehicle has lost because of an accident. Many diminished value experts formulate their opinions based on what comparable vehicles are selling for in the marketplace. Some experts rely on the research performed by popular vehicle valuation companies such […]

Insurance companies typically refuse to admit they are responsible for paying you for the loss of value to your vehicle. And if they do offer to pay any money, it is usually a nominal amount that doesn’t begin to compensate you for the true loss of value to your vehicle. Insurance companies typically refuse to […]

Diminished Value in Ft. Lauderdale

What is CARFAX? CARFAX is a fast growing company that provides history reports for  vehicles. Today, more and more people are relying on CARFAX reports when buying a vehicle. For about $39 or less, you can order a CARFAX vehicle history report. You simply enter a vehicle’s VIN number and then you are provided a […]