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Diminished Value Attorney Florida

Diminished Value Claim Florida

Before you file a car accident insurance claim, you should always know what you are entitled to. Most people are generally aware that the insurance company should pay for the repairs to your vehicle, any car rental bills, and any medical expenses you may have, but did you know that in the Florida, the insurance company is also responsible for compensating you for the diminishing value (or loss of value) to your vehicle? A large majority of the public is not aware of the laws protecting them from the possible diminished value of their vehicle through an accident. By hiring a diminishing value attorney in Florida, we can help you figure out what the insurance companies are not telling you, and what you may be owed. You may be compensated the difference of value sustained as a result of the accident. In Florida, insurance companies must make you whole (like you were before the accident), in order to successfully fulfill a claim, but you are not made whole unless you receive money damages for the repair of your vehicle, medical bills, and the diminution of value to your vehicle.

This is where a diminished value attorney in Florida can help you to get the money you receive. Our incredible attorneys in Florida will help you determine what your vehicle was worth before the accident and what it is now worth after the accident. The difference in two values is what we call the diminished value amount, and that’s what we go after from the at-fault party’s insurance company.  Depending on the type of car involved and the extent of the damage, you may be owed thousands of dollars on your diminished value claim. A Florida diminished value attorney can help you recover this money quickly and painlessly.

Florida diminished value attorney

Your Insurance Company Won’t Always Give You What You’re Owed

Insurance companies like to save money in any way possible, and this means that they will try to pay you as little money as they can get away with for your car accident claim.  Don’t expect them to help you with the diminished value claims process, much less help with the diminished value claim process. That won’t happen. In fact, most of the time, the insurance companies will try to tell you that you aren’t entitled to any diminished value.  They will say that you can’t make a diminished value claim in the State of Florida or that your vehicle does not qualify for diminished value. They may say that your car is too old, or that the damages are too small, or that the repairs were so good that your car is back in its pre-loss condition. They may even try to tell you that your car is worth more now than what it was before the accident. They will say anything to dissuade you from pursuing a diminished value claim and are likely to either deny your claim or make you a small settlement offer to go away.

If you do not have a diminished value attorney in Florida, you may not know your rights, and you may believe what you are being told. Every state has different laws when it comes to diminished value, and different insurance companies require different things when processing diminished value claims. That is why if you are pursuing a diminished value claim in Florida, it is imperative to have a Florida diminished value attorney representing you.

At The Collision Law Center, we have invaluable experience handling diminished value claims in Florida. We know what your diminished value claim is worth. We know the diminished value laws in Florida. We know how to present your diminished value claim to the insurance companies and what they look for when reviewing the claim.  And if we have to go to court, our diminished value attorneys know what the judges require to win your diminished value case.

If you have been in a car accident in Florida, call The Collision Law Center to see how we can assist you with your Florida diminished value claim. Our diminished value attorneys will be happy to discuss your diminished value claim with you, to tell you what your claim is worth and how we can help you recover the money that you are owed. Our Florida diminished value attorneys are ready, willing and able to fight the insurance companies for you.