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Like many legal matters, it is certainly possible for a person to try handle a diminished value claim in Florida on his or her own, without the assistance of an attorney. But just because it is possible to do so does not mean that it is a good idea. In our experience, it is clearly in the […]

After an accident in Florida, the insurance company will inspect your car and will determine what the cost of repairs would be. If it costs more to fix the car than what it is worth, then they will declare the car a total loss. When this happens, instead of paying to fix the car, the insurance company […]

The strength of a diminished value claim in Florida depends on many factors. One very important factor is whether or not your car sustained any frame (or structural damage) in the accident. Frame damage is more serious than minor, cosmetic damage because it involves the actual structure of the vehicle. Usually, frame damage occurs when […]

One main factor that most insurance companies look at when determining the value of diminished value claims in Florida is whether or not a vehicle has been involved in any prior accidents. If it has, then almost all insurance companies will significantly decrease the value of your diminished value claim and some insurance companies (such […]

Our law office is frequently asked the following question, “Is my diminished value claim in Florida worth pursuing?” In the State of Florida, there is no specific rule or formula for determining diminished value. Many factors must be considered and these factors must be weighed in order to determine whether or not it is feasible […]